In September 2021 a pedagogical innovation was introduced in Pre0, concerning intuitive mathematics. The proposed method, which is intuitive mathematics, is an alternative method and has a supportive character. The programme is in line with the core curriculum for pre-school education contained in the Regulation of the Minister of National Education of 14 February 2017. It has an open character - its content can be expanded depending on the capabilities of children. The tools obligatorily used in the method are white boards with red or black dots.

Intuitive maths is based on second-by-second presentations of cards according to two principles: systematicity and repetition. The presentation of the cards took place twice a day at appropriate intervals for 5 days a week.

This innovation aims to create the conditions to use the intellectual capacity of the child and to learn mathematics by subitizing. That is, teaching children mathematics from concreteness, which is dots on a board, to abstraction, i.e. recognition of numbers and graphical signs.

After evaluation in the Pre0 group, it turned out that most of the children add and subtract independently within a range up to 10 from memory. Some of the younger children use building blocks as a result of their personal development.


Dominika Laskowska (30.06.2022)