Lot of fun with speech therapy

In October in IPG speech therapy started. Students who have been qualified for therapy, meet with a speech therapist every week to improve articulators efficiency, exercise proper breathing and correct pronunciation. Attractiveness of classes is guaranteed by collection of games  in therapy room.

A unique event this month was the workshop entitled "Tasty speech therapy". Attentive students with their parents, had the opportunity to learn that speech therapy exercises performed at home do not have to be boring. Even more... It could be delicious. Using products such as jellies, breakfast cereals, carrot slices, etc. we performed gymnastics of our tongues and facial muscles. We managed to combine the pleasant with the useful.

October  2017, Małgorzata Kostecka – speech therapist

Speech therapy beginning

As usual September in IPG is a time of speech diagnosis. The decision of speech therapy is based on its results. Speech test includes speech understanding, pronunciation of single sounds and proficiency of speech organs. Speech therapist also draws attention to other things, directly or indirectly related to the speech of the child, like hearing, breathing and swallowing. If necessary, he or she collects information from parents.

Furthermore in September there were workshops for our preschoolers. The youngest group - Juniors, was playing and exercising at the "Fun with animals". Children were practicing recognizing and imitating the sounds and faces of animals. The Seniors and Grade 0 participated in the workshop entitled "What Helps Us Speak Properly". Children wondered what helps to speak correct, and through play, they were exercising articulators, hearing, and the way of breathing.

September 2017, Małgorzata Kostecka – speech therapist