"Physical play includes activities that use physical movements to allow children to use their energy, and it gives children the chance to develop gross and fine motor skills, learn new things and socialize. Physical play also benefits a child’s health. Understanding the importance of physical play is vital to your child’s development."


Małgorzata Kostecka - speech therapist (16.11.2017)

Runny noses. Constant colds. Recurrent flus. Most parents think these conditions are just par for the course with children in day care or school. But not all children are getting sick. Not all children have runny noses.
We don’t just have to accept our child’s current state of health. We can actually take measures to boost their defenses, speed healing, and help them to gain a greater level of wellness.


Małgorzata Kostecka - speech therapist (11.10.2017)

playI recommend the article about the benefits of play: http://www.rootsofaction.com/the-benefits-of-play-are-oh-so-big/

Agnieszka Wiankowska - psychologist (05.01.2017)

161005integrationj s newsOn September Juniors and Seniors had integration workshops with Mrs Agnieszka Wiankowska and Ms Justyna Bilska from Psychological-Pedagogical Center “Osiek”. We were having fun playing with running mouse, Mr Rabbit and during games “Sun&cloud”, “Spider and flies”.




Agnieszka Wiankowska - psychologist (05.10.2016)


On Monday grade 0 had the integration workshop with Mrs Agnieszka Wiankowska from Psychological - Pedagogical Center "Osiek". We all had fun and made the colourful class tree!




Agnieszka Wiankowska - psychologist (16.09.2016)