190114christmasconcert newsOn the 18th of December in our preschool, as every year, there was a Christmas Concert. Children from all groups performed in front of the audience in the gym. It was a very happy and full of dance performances. The youngest preschoolers from the Junior group sang about elves and snowman, also being dressed as elves. Seniors in a beautiful song were dazzling about white Christmas and sang about the happiest Christmas tree in the world. Their costumes were charmingly looked like a Christmas tree, and the artificial snow that they poured during the performance looked magical. The repertoire of older children from class 0a and 0b includes songs about Saint Nicholas, and a rock version of "Jingle bells". Our grade zeros looked great in the costumes of Saint Nicholas. It was a beautiful event that we appreciate as a preschool. In our little family, celebrating important moments together is in the first place. That is why, at the very end, we were all carol singing, also singing Polish carols.


Magdalena Koman (01.02.2019)