190512earthday news“The Earth is what we all have in common” - Wendell Berry

As thoughtful and committed citizens our preschoolers activated their environmental awareness in celebration of the natural beauty of our planet. Some of the activities included sorting various kinds of rubbish, planting flowers and making giant posters of the Earth. We know how to work together to protect the only world we’ve got! :)


Agata Rzeplińska (12.05.2019)

190422zagroda newsRecently we had some special guests from Farmhouse Powroty - goose, rooster, turkey, hen and some lovely chicks! We learned a lot about them, we had an opportunity to feed them, hear them and even hug some of them. It was really amazing event!



Agata Błędowska (19.04.2019)

190511stpatricksday newsIn March we were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Our preschoolers had a really great time dancing Irish dance and listening to Irish music. They already knew the history of Saint Patrick so they've really enjoyed creating green shamrocks and making photos in our photo booth.




Agata Błędowska (11.05.2019)

190423okm newsOn the 24th of April Grade 0B had an opportunity to participate in amazing workshops about trash in our sea. We had some tasks about who is living in our sea or what can be dengerous for animals. After that children had some time to use interactive exhibition. We had lots of fun playing pirates!




Dominika Laskowska (23.04.2019)

190410radio newsOn the first day of spring, grade 0B students set out on a journey to Radio Gdansk. We were lucky enough to go inside the recording studio, and the control room which had an audio mixer. We also sat inside a studio where live programs are broadcasted and even observed the process of making one. It was a fanstastic adventure!



Dominika Laskowska (21.04.2019)