20211023languageday2021isg 01On October the 15th, Our Preschool celebrated its annual Language Day. Preschoolers learned about the culture and traditions of different countries, including the ones they came from. Each classroom was decorated with fun facts and interesting information, and colorful decorations of the preschool corridor represented the multinational and multicultural makeup of the International Preschool of Gdansk. 







Bartosz Czech (23.10.2021)

readingbreak2021ipgFollowing in the footsteps of their older friends our preschoolers took part in the second edition of the Reading Break event. During the breaks in the everyday activities, the pupils enjoyed having books read to them by their teachers. The preschoolers' participation in the event proves that reading is worth the while no matter the age.  







Bartosz Czech (15.10.2021)

20211008MHDMOIIPG 06This week our youngest traveled to the magical world of illusions. They have also participated in the Mad Hatter's Day celebrations. Photos from both events can be found in our Gallery. 








Bartosz Czech (08.10.2021)

20211008dotdayipg 04On 15 September we all came dressed in .... Dots! On that day we celebrated International Dot Day. The children heard a story about a girl called Vashti. Through this story they learned that everyone has a talent, they just need to believe in themselves. A lot of dot artwork was created on that day. It was a great day!








Marta Rudzik (08.10.2021)