20210229carnivalipg 01On January 29th a carnival ball was held in our preschool. Children had the opportunity to dress up as their favourite characters. There was a lot of dancing and playing. Everyone enjoyed it so much that we didn’t want the ball to end!








Marta Rudzik (31.01.2021)


201130obstaclecourseipgDuring the last corrective gymnastics class in preschool, kids could use whole equipment to build obstacle courses. They did it with big blocks, mattresses, a bench, and a ball. To pass the course the children had to jump inside the hoops, then throw the ball at the target, do sit-ups on and crawl under the mattresses, and finally jump over the bench. Their creative endeavor resulted in an exciting lesson! 





Aleksandra Czyżykowska (30.11.2020)

201126gardeningclubThis school year, our preschoolers from grade 0 are discovering the secrets of gardening. We’d been to the school garden a few times already. There, children could get to know different types of trees, plants, or observe insects. We also managed to plant heather and onion bulbs in pots, as well as dry pumpkin seeds to plant in the garden next May. Children placed the pumpkin remains in a composter. The gardening club will surely shape children's habits of caring for plants and the aesthetics of their surroundings and will make them sensitive to the beauty of nature. Moreover, it will teach many activities related to the care of plants and respect for the surrounding nature.



Joanna Wojczulis (26.11.2020)

On Wednesday, November 25, we celebrated Teddy Bear Day. This year, it had a different form than before, but there was no shortage of fun in the company of teddy bears. Children made teddy bears out of paper, listened to stories about teddy bears, and solved teddy bear puzzles. One of the teddy bears also prepared a surprise for the children and posed for photos with them. The children were eager to talk about their teddy bears, which unfortunately had to be left at home this year for the safety of children, parents, and teddy bears. As an IPG team, we send a lot of hugs to all bears.




Hanna Ellwart (26.11.2020)