190112elffactory0 newsGrade O's celebrated St. Nicholas' Day by going to The Great Elf Factory in Gdańsk on Monday, December 3rd. We had so much fun on Elfes Slide, playing some music on drums, big piano and on bikes! Then, in Santa's office, we wrote letters with our dream gifts. Last but not the least, we met a ture Santa Claus. All children sat on his lap and told him what they wish to get for Christmas.





Katarzyna Korowaj (28.01.2019)

190128festivaloflight newsOn Friday, 30th of November, our preschoolers were celebrating the Festival of Light. During the day we were all preparing decorations, which were connected with Diwali (Hindu festival of lights). In the afternoon our students and their parents had the opportunity to learn about Hanukkah, Advent, Diwali and saw lots of exhibitions. The culmination of the Festival was great Laser Show! Everyone was delighted!



Agata Błędowska (28.01.2019)

270119scienceclub newsOur preschool has a rich offer of afterschool activities and clubs. One of these is Science Club during which the kids have fun and explore the world through experiments. Our recent achievements are volcano and bubbles inside a bubble.






Karolina Wykrzykowska (27.01.2019)

2019 presidentIt is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we hear of the tragic death of Mayor Paweł Adamowicz.
You will forever be in our hearts.

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190110hewelianum newsFor the two months both Gardes 0 were learning about different symbols, countires (like United Kingdom, Ukraine or South Africa ), cultures and their beliefs. They had learnt that a country can be ruled by a Queen, that animals or flowers may be a symbols of our country and that to built a house in Africa you don't need to use a brick! To sort their knowledge we went on a trip to Hewelianum Centre to see the exhibition „Around the world”. At least for a moment we could feel like the citiziens of the world! We love trips like this!



Katarzyna Korowaj (10.01.2019)