20210620P0zootrip 04This week Juniors, Seniors, and Pre-0 had a trip to the zoo. We saw many animals: zebras, giraffes, meerkats, and monkeys. Children had so much fun, especially after the pandemic time. Tired and happy we got back to Preschool.







Dominika Laskowska (20.06.2021)


20210614animalshelterfundraiserIn June seniors will be organizing a fundraiser for the "Promyk" animal shelter. We've made posters which you can find on the main door. We talk about the needs of animals and how we can take care of them.
If you want to join our fundraiser, our teachers have a list of things that the shelter needs. If you prefer to donate money, we have Princess Piggy waiting for you.
Remember to do good  - sharing is caring.
Dominika Laskowska (14.06.2021)

Please contact during the hours below. 

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20210424earthdayipg 02This year we celebrated Earth Day for a whole week! We started by planting fruit trees, each group had their tree: apple, pear, plum, cherry and cherry tree. It was exciting! We talked a lot about how beautiful our planet is and what we can do to protect it. Each child also made their forest in a jar. It was a very interesting week full of different activities. But we all agree with the statement: Every day is Earth Day!







Marta Rudzik (24.04.2021)