In February our Preschoolers tried to solve the mysteries of  the human body. They learned about the five senses and theparts of the body and their functions.  We familiarized ourselves with methods which help us stay healthy and learned how to make distinctions between healthy and unhealthy foods. See the pleasure of learning  in our gallery!

In the month of February we were talking about feelings and emotions. We also celebrated Valentine’s Day, as well Klaudia’s and Piotruś’s Birthdays. During Winter Break we used our Gym for pretend play. We were pretending to go by car to New York and Los Angeles. As a part of health theme our Junior Preschool room has transformed into the doctor’s office. We were role playing a visit to the doctor, where children where pretending to be doctors, patients and nurses. Children were also taught about first aid and how to put a band aid and bandages on sick teddy bears in the classroom. Please see our gallery for more details.

Malwina Kowalczyk, Bożena Piekarska (04.03.2013)

In the winter time we talk a lot about weather and how the nature changes. Sometimes we pretend that there is snow in our classroom: Look at the pictures in the gallery to see our safe snowball fight. We also made couple of snowmen indoors and outdoors. Details right after the jump.

Bożena Piekarska (04.03.2013)

February has begun with a wonderful Mardi Gras Ball. All the children were dressed in fancy costumes  that were presented during a fashion show at the party. We had many dancing competitions and activities. The whole party was enriched with some yummy and healthy snacks. Check  the gallery to see if you can recognize us!

Malwina Kowalczyk (04.02.2013)

As  real winter with snow has started, our Preschoolers have had an opportunity to use their sleds, toboggans and skis on our playground. Going down the hill was so much fun!  One day we also made a beautiful snowman. Please jump into our gallery to see how much we enjoy our time on the playground in the winter time.

Bożena Piekarska (23.01.2013)

On Monday, January 21 we were celebrating Grandma and Grandpa’s Day at IPG. At first our guests were warm welcomed by Mrs Darmorost our new IPG director. Then our preschoolers were singing songs for their grandparents. There was a presentation about Preschool Life and a guessing game, where grandparents had to recognize their grandchildren. At last children gave their grandparents self made gifts and they were invited to visit the classrooms as well to the exhibition of the children’s art work. Please see the photos in our gallery!

Bożena Piekarska (23.01.2013)