Last week in Senior Preschool we learned all about apples. We touched them, smelled them and tasted them.. We checked how many apples tall we are, and how apples behave in the water. We also made many different apple crafts, and finally celebrated the end of the week with delicious baked apple snacks. Visit our gallery to see the photos.

Malwina Kowalczyk (15.10.2012)

Last Thursday our preschoolers went to the Zoo. The trip took place on the International Animal Day. Not only were the children able to see the animals from the Zoo train, but also had an opportunity to touch some of them while listening to the lecture, prepared specially for them. In the gallery, you can see some of the fun we had.

Bożena Piekarska (10.10.2012)

One month has not yet passed, and already so much has happened in preschool... We have had a birthday party, crazy hair day, balloon experiments, a picnic, and so much more. You are welcome to visit our photo gallery to see the fun we had.

Beata Wołkanowska (28.09.2012)



On Thursday, October 18th all the Preschoolers and Grade 0 students went to visit the fire station. We had the opportunity to see different kinds of fire trucks, check their equipment and find out how high up the ladder can go. Some of us could also use the hose. You can see the fun we had in our gallery. We’ve also made a lot of different activities in the classroom connected with the fire safety. This trip was also special because that was the first time we had enough children to go by bus.

Malwina Kowalczyk (23.10.2012)

On  October 31st our Preschool groups were celebrating Halloween. All nicely dressed up, Preschoolers went trick or treating to every classroom at school. After the trick or treat, they took part in various games. We also enjoyed dancing in the classroom. Visit our gallery to see the photos.

Bożena Piekarska (09.11.2012)