ISG and GAP students celebrated Thanksgiving by honoring the tradition of preparing a family-style meal together. Students and teachers worked together to decorate and prepare some tasty dishes to share. This was also a great opportunity to learn about table manners, serving others and taking turns. Students and staff would like to eat this way everyday! Visit our gallery to see the pictures!



On the 2nd of November to commemorate All Saint’s Day and All Souls’ Day, our pupils and preschoolers went to one of the nearby memorial sites. You are very welcome to our gallery to see photos of our little trip.




On the 5th of October, Grade 0 and Preschool went for a walk to see the nearby PGE Arena Stadium. Even though the walk required a lot of strength, all the students did very well. The huge amber stadium made a great impression on us. Check the gallery to see if you like it too!



Learning about mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds does not need to be boring. On September 6th our preschool and elementary school went on a field trip to the ZOO in Oliwa. They discovered mysteries of ravenous tigers, playful meerkats and sunbathing kangaroos. Luckily, nobody woke up the dinosaurs!
If you want to see the dinosaurs we did not wake (and much more), you are welcome to visit our gallery.


On the 14th of September preschooler Milan celebrated his 3rd birthday. Preschool and Grade 0 prepared a birthday party for this occasion. The children were treated to a tasty birthday cake which looked like a car. Then they had a lot of fun taking part in many competitions and dance activities. Check the gallery to see what a great time we had!