On  October 31st our Preschool groups were celebrating Halloween. All nicely dressed up, Preschoolers went trick or treating to every classroom at school. After the trick or treat, they took part in various games. We also enjoyed dancing in the classroom. Visit our gallery to see the photos.

Bożena Piekarska (09.11.2012)

On the 28th of June we officially ended the school year in our preschool and Grade 0. Our celebration was full of performances, songs and dances. There also was an English test, but of course, all students passed with flying colors. After many congratulations, words of thanks, it was time to get on with our holiday plans. Before saying our last goodbyes, however, we all celebrated together at the bonfire with refreshments prepared by our parents. Check out the photos in our gallery.

Beata Wołkanowska

Our PTA picnic was a wonderful way to celebrate the end of the 2011-12 school year. For those who were ambitious, the scavenger hunt, three-legged race and jump-rope contests provided great fun for the students, their parents and even the teachers. Relaxing by the campfire and roasting sausages and marshmallows was a popular past-time. The fantastic food was enjoyed by all.
A big thank-you to the PTA for all their planning and preparation....and see you all back at school on September 3! Visit our gallery for the photos.

Susan Mleczko


On June 13th students of ISG and GAP together with students of  the Center for Children and Youth with Autism moved on for more than one hour to the land of magic and wizardry of Hogwart. At the picnic, the participants of the game stations had an opportunity to get some tokens as well as the opportunity to exchange the tokens for magic objects and sweets. They found: besom’s cookies, live worms, witch fingers, pap on a ship biscuits, treasure maps, cool glasses, magic wands or philosopher's stones. There was a hairdresser who offered a new hairstyle, tattoos or face painting. The participants could also find out what will happen in the future. ISG teachers and Grade 5 students dressed up as  witches and wizards, waited for participants at stations where they could try their hand at race on a broom, throw ringos on a broom, cast a spell on somebody, turn into a animal or play follow the wizard. Our guests sweetened the picnic from the very beginning with ice cream for everybody. All agreed it was great fun. Visit our gallery to see the photos!

Anna Stasiak

On Children's Day, June 1, our school was full of special attractions for kids. Words cannot describe the fun that we had, so we invite you to see the photos in our gallery.

Beata Wołkanowska