Due to the temporary limitation of functioning until April 14, 2020, distance learning is being conducted at International Preschool of Gdansk from March 16, 2020.

Since March 25, 2020, our work has been governed by the following MEN ordinances:
amending the regulation on the temporary limitation of the functioning of units of the education system in relation to the prevention, prevention and eradication of COVID-19 (https://dokumenty.men.gov.pl/rozporzadzenie_MEN_nowelizacja_-_COViD-19_art_30b.pdf),

on special solutions during the period of temporary limitation of the functioning of education system units in relation to the prevention, prevention and eradication of COVID-19 (https://dokumenty.men.gov.pl/Rozporzadzenie_MEN_COViD-19_art_30c.pdf).

working remotelyBecause of the suspension of the lessons in all of the Polish schools and preschools we would like to inform you, that the secretary's office is working remotely.
We encourage you to contact us via email!

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200229carnival newsOn the last day of January, we had a carnival ball. Our ball's theme was Magic, so we invited a magical cat, which had an ability to change into other animals! We also hosted a talking pumpkin and a witch! Kids enjoyed this time a lot, they were dancing and playing and we didn't want this event to end!








Dominika Laskowska (29.02.2020)



200228molecularkitchen newsRecently we had a very special guest in our preschool. It was a molecular kitchen which was.. amazing! The kids had the best fun ever. Intriguing experiments with ingredients not available in preschool on a daily basis. Delicious smoky juices, ice cream prepared with liquid nitrogen, smoke floor- it was really something! The kids were excited and asked a lot of questions. It was an awesome morning at our preschool!



Magdalena Koman (28.02.2020)

200227funkeymusical newsHand-prepared costumes, author's script and the positive energy from the Funkey Musical gave an amazing experience. It was fun, full of songs and a little bit moralizing. Funkey Musical Theatre from Poznan was a great option to spend Valentines Friday.









Magdalena Koman (27.02.2020)