190410radio newsOn the first day of spring, grade 0B students set out on a journey to Radio Gdansk. We were lucky enough to go inside the recording studio, and the control room which had an audio mixer. We also sat inside a studio where live programs are broadcasted and even observed the process of making one. It was a fanstastic adventure!



Dominika Laskowska (21.04.2019)

190409filharmonia newsOn the 12th of March, grade 0 attended the "Fortepian Treflika" concert at the Baltic Philharmonic. Our students had the opportunity to see musicians and actors on stage, watch a projection of the tale "Rodzina Treflikow" as well as get to know some of the popular musical pieces. The entire trip was very educational and exciting!



Agata Rzeplińska (20.04.2019)

Easter Greetings to All

190326planetarium newsChildren’s interest in the stars, planets and space grows year by year. The questions asked by kindergarteners are one of a kind. That’s why we have invited a man who specializes in Space. He brought his „mobile planetarium” and not only answeared the questions we've prepered but also told us about the prehistoric time and how it was back then. We could see how things have changed.
That was an intresting class with a historic note!


Katarzyna Korowaj (26.03.2019)

190213carnival newsOn the 30th of January our preschooler were celebrating Carnival Day.Since early morning many orginal creatures begun to gather the classroom. Children wore astonishing costiumes. Princesses, dinosaurs, policemen were all over the preschool, even Alice from Wonderland decided to join us and have some fun. When the time had come we all moved to dance room where we met Olaf, Alice and Power Rangers. Children enjoyed music, competition and dance very much!


Katarzyna Korowaj (13.02.2019)