191030okm newsIn October, the Senior group together with the Pre-Zero group visited the Maritime Culture Centre in Gdańsk. During the hour classes, younger children learned what a bathyscaphe is, what it is used for, and they performed various activities related to the sea. During the classes, the Pre-Zero group learned about who works at sea and learned about the characteristics of maritime professions. It was a very pleasant trip combined with a walk around the downtown of Gdansk.



Magdalena Koman (30.10.2019)

190929cornmaze newsRecently, our preschoolers went on a trip to sweet corn labyrinth. This year the labyrinth resembled the seahorse and all the tasks where hidden really good. Each of the groups chose the right difficulty for themselves and tried to find a way out. It wasn’t easy, but we All did it. The joy on the faces of preschoolers indescribable. We can’t wait for another trip like this!




Katarzyna Korowaj (29.09.2019)

190922parkinglot newsPreschool car park campaign! Thank you, preschoolers!
For a very long time we are struggling with cars (drivers), not connected with our preschool and school, on our parking lot.
We were asking drivers many times so our parents could find a safe spot while bringing us to our preschool. No reaction :(

Maybe this action will be effective!





IPG Team (22.09.2019)

IB logoWe are proud to announce that International Preschool of Gdańsk and International School of Gdansk are now recognized as the IB World School 060020.


ISG is the only school in Pomeranian voivodeship authorized to offer PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME

Thank you ISG community!

190522eksperyment newsIn April our preschoolers from the Junior and Senior groups visited the Experyment Science Center in Gdynia. During the "Scientific Detectives" class, the children learned who the detective is and what he does, how to solve the puzzle with the help of the map and how to use magnifying glass and magnet. In addition to classes with teachers from the Center, our kids had great fun at the exhibition about human health and water positions. EXPERYMENT in Gdynia is a great place for all-day fun, which is very instructive.



Magdalena Koman (22.05.2019)