170404bookday newsOn Monday 3rd April students from pre-school up to Grade 6 celebrated Book Day. Each class chose a classic book or story and then decorated their classroom to reflect the book. Each classroom looked absolutely fantastic and most of the students dressed up as well! Each class visited the other classes and took part in a range of activities on Monday morning. Each class got to vote for their favourite room and our winner, as chosen by the students, was:

Grade 4: Alice in Wonderland

Second place: Grades 0-1 Wizard of Oz

Third place: Grade 2: Gruffalo

Well done to all involved.


Stuart Field (04.04.2017)

170324politechnika newsRecently our preschoolers visited the Department of Chemistry at the Gdańsk University of Technology, where the doctoral students showed us how a laboratory looks like. Later they made some experiments and told us about chemistry equipments. Kids were so excited about this trip. It was a great adventure!




Marta Duzowska (24.03.2017)

170320stpatrick newsOn March 16th we were celebrating St. Patrick's Day! Shamrocks, Leprechauns and green color were everywhere. We had special guests (Beltaine group) playing the bagpipes and dancing Irish dance... And we were dancing with them!




Agata Błędowska (20.03.2017)

170316holi newsOn Monday our preschoolers participated in celebrations connected to Holi Day. Boys from Grade 2 came to tell us something about this holiday, they showed us their country on the map, and shared their experience about this colorful day. The children had a chance to understand the meaning of different colours by taking part in various stations related to those colours. In the spirit of joy and dance, we travelled to colorful India for a second.





Aleksandra Patalon (16.03.2016)

170310experyment newsOn Tuesday and Wednesday our preschoolers visited the Experyment Science Centre in Gdynia. They took part in the classes, where they were doing some interesting experiments :). After that they had time to play and look on other exhibitions. What an awesome day!!




Katarzyna Korowaj (10.03.2017)